Marin Oil is the independent leader of in-port fuel provision on the island of Corfu

With a refuelling station based at Gouvia marina, Marin Oil supplies fuel, oil and lubricants to hundreds of the worlds largest privately owned yachts, boats and ships. Our reputation for exceptional service, professional experience and superior dependability make us the leader in luxury yacht fuel support.


Marin Oil is passionate about fuel quality. We have protective measures, which include, fire extinguishers, mandate clear passageways, adequate lighting and security. We regularly inspect the electrical system and watch for degradation or other issues.

Our marina staff can recognise and minimise risks and hazards of power sources near the water. We have emergency shutoff button(s) on fuel docks that, with one touch, will shut down power to all pumps and electrical circuits.

Our commitment is good practice and good business, and it creates solid, durable relationships with both customers and suppliers. Our pump is located at the marina and complies with all international safety regulations. You can put your trust in us to make sure your safety is our top priority.


Marin Oil offers fuel machines that use the latest technology. We have yacht fuel cleaning systems, which includes a specialist electronic system that identifies water in the fuel. We provide only the best for your needs.


Marina Gouvia

Corfu Island, Greece 49 100

Marin Oil has a station located directly at Corfu marina Gouvia, where you can easily refuel. We are the only company on the island that has an easily accessible fuel pump located at the northern side, providing petrol, diesel, oil, and filters. We can provide large quantities of fuel when requested.

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M. +30 6948 060 213 T. +30 2661 099 410